The Bell 47G installs, but it doesn't work

Good morning developers, since I changed the Community folder to another SSD, due to lack of space on C:/ (where MSFS is), the Bell 47G installs (I redirect the new path from that folder), but it doesn’t work. The “FlyInside Heli Manager” opened on the desktop says “Awaiting Aircraft”, with a “Try Again” button that is not clickable, and below it says “Please load a Flyinside helicopter to use Flyinside Heli Manager”, and it’s no use restart the aircraft, staying there.

And so, let’s go ahead, without being able to enjoy the product, including this new version 1.40…



Hi Tarcizio,

After reinstalling, does the aircraft itself appear as an option MSFS, and load in MSFS? Once loaded, does it show the “Please run Heli Manager” message within the cockpit?


Dear Dan,

Once reinstalled, it appears in the aircraft list like the others. Selected on or off, it loads completely static, immobile and nothing works on the panel.Yes, the image of the msg “Run the Heli Manager” appears.

See the screens…


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The same thing happens to me, I have contacted the technical service because I just bought it and I have not been able to test it, since I can not even insert the product key.

Let’s see how long it takes to solve the problem.

Help, help.

exactly same thing is happening to me too.

Try uninstalling and download the latest version and retry for us ?


I´ve the same problem. Could you help me?

Jaquir, Good afternoon…

My problem was not solved by Flyinside, it seems they didn’t pay much attention, so I permanently uninstalled their product, sorry I can’t help…


Do I need a product key to activate my bell 47? I pay in the market place, but no email was send to me, or send may money back!!!