This thing is awesome!

So I decided that I was going to try to learn how to fly helicopters within MSFS. I knew that I wanted a realistic experience, so I made sure I had good controls, well relatively good controls, warthog stick with 200mm extension. Been flying GA aircraft in the sim for a couple years, and kinda got bored. Been trying various Helis with absolutely 0 success, honestly was about to scrap it, since I was obviously not smart enough to figure it out, even though all of the YouTube videos make it looks so easy. Even when they say they aren’t very good or it’s their first time flying an aircraft. Ok, so I must be the problem. It just seemed to me that there is nothing between putting the assists on and it’s so easy to fly that anyone could do it and turning them off and next thing you know you are flipped upside down on the runway. Every session was like getting kicked in the nuts over and over. i actually started to wonder if my new joystick was defective. Seriously, it was ridiculous.
I purchased the Flyinside Bell 206 this morning in a last ditch effort and hoping it was as good as advertised. Well, it is, and better than I hoped. I put it on medium and was still not very good, a lot of work yet to do, but was able to reasonably control it with very small inputs and I can tell that this flight model has the adjustability for someone to learn and progress at a reasonable pace and not have to get frustrated.Thank you, thank you, thank you for this helicopter! This will be MY helicopter for the foreseeable future. Hopefully when I am ready to move up to something bigger Flyinside will have built another just as good, I will buy it for sure.
I do plan to record my practice sessions and share what I learn along the way on YouTube, and will make sure to mention that the right aircraft to start with is as important as having good controls. I can’t speak for how realistic it is, as I’ve never flown one and I’m not an actual pilot, but it’s real enough for me at this point!



When you are ready, the Bell 47 adds the need for throttle control to the mix. No governor! Well it DOES have one if you want, (we put it in for convenience of folks without a twist grip or other throttle axis) but you can turn it off. Adds to the challenge.


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