TrackIR being lazy

First off, I love the chopper. But I have come across a very odd issue where my TrackIR droops and centering it just gets lower and lower.

I am experienced with msfs, including building my own scenery, so this is rather puzzling.

I am wondering if it could be related to adjusting the helicopter control sensitivity and trackir deciding its the primary 3d app?

Anyways, windows 10 6700k 1080gtx 32gb
alpha insider, chopper works fine without trackir.

Hi mate and welcome, could you confirm if this happens only with our 47 or do you see it in other 2020 aircraft ? I have track ir and many moons ago I used to get a wandering sensor but doesn’t sound related.


Only on this aircraft

Could you try some problem solving for us ? Before i dig out my old Track IR, if you don’t adjust control sensitivity is the IR stable mate ? Are you changing sensitivity within our Helimanager or 2020 ?


I think that is where the issue is coming in. Alt tabbing to bring your software and changing the chopper vertical sensitivity. Since I am still learning.
I go back into the game, and try re-enter the head tracking and it won’t snap back above my lap. Left amd right are fine.

I am using a full hotas with all settings set to zero as suggested in game.

I have several other apps and yes it is stable, and other aircraft are fine in sim. Don’t pull out your trackir yet. I will play some more, I was more interested to see if that was a know issue.

Have a look there and see if that helps any, let me know if the issue continues and I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


I will take a look, I have several ideas I will layout on my end as well and eliminate. Will keep a record.

Its very odd, I do think that the trackir is seeing your app as a 3d application and once it becomes forefront, for example when I use the app to desensitized for, my lousy flying and I want to lower sensitivity, it does that. But once msfs takes control again the profile does not snap back for trackir. Left and right control is fine, but vertical control is dialed down, just like the joystick.

Thats a wierd correlation no? And programs like Fraps and task manager are seeing your app as using the video card, so it makes sense that trackir would be affected since its tied to the video card.

I will Uninstal your chopper, make sure my community folder is naked blah blah. I was testing msfs since it was a baby.

Make sure nothing is running except your stuff. Reboot, cause a power outage to make sure my computer really was off lol. And get back to you tomorrow

~Rory M

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I think I got it figured out.

  1. Uninstalled the bell

  2. Reset msfs settings to default

  3. Trackir to default

  4. Reboot

  5. Ran msfs

  6. No issues, just like before with any aircraft

  7. Reinstalled bell

No issues until bringing the settings tweaker to front and changing settings. - trackir sensitivity response was wrong.

However doing it the other way- minimizing msfs and using the tweaker, seemed to stop trackir from losing sensitivity once the game was brought to full screen again.

So I can just do it that way, very odd. No other app alt tabbing has caused that.

Anyways, got it figured out.

~Rory M

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Ahhh that’s great Rory and thank you for letting us know and how you sorted it :slight_smile: