Turbulence too severe

It would be nice to be able to select how much does turbulence or wind gusts affect yaw. At the moment i found the effect too severe, but non the less, is a nice thing to have, thats why i think it should be selectable from th in-game config utility. That being said, i think the flight model is quite good, comparing it to some DCS choppers. Another thing worth mentioning, that i read in a post here, is the option of force trimming, once again, like in DCS. Rudder trim would be a nice relief for the wrist.
Finally a pet peeve of mine, well, two of them… The window reflections, they should be reduced or even better, mimic those of the default 407. And, head shake, or cockpit shake, like it is currently when in ETL transition, but a bit more notorious.

Thanks for the space to communicate my thoughts. Sorry for the broken English.
Greetings from Argentina.-