Uncontrollable pitch up

Hi fellows
I´ve been flying the 47 with great pleasure for months, now, but since two days ago it suddenly changed.
As soon as the skids leave the ground, the chopper pitchs up and rises the nose in an uncontrolable way, no matter how much cyclic forward I apply. The controls move normally, but the imput is never enough to counteract it. Looks like I have a weight and balance problem, maybe it´s not considering the crew, I don’t know, but I’m sure I did nothing different. It´s happening everytime. Today I had to fly the H-135, for my great sadness.
Anyone had something similar?

Hi Alceu,

That sounds like you might have the cyclic trimmed well back. The real Bell doesn’t have trim, but IIRC it was added as a bit of a cheat, to allow people with shorter/more tightly sprung joysticks to cruise more comfortably.

It may be that you had accidentally trimmed for excessive nose-up and that is causing the issue. Maybe check your bindings and neutralise the trim, before taking off again.



Edit: maybe Heli suddenly pitching up - General Forum - FlyInside Helicopters Forum (flyinside-helis.com) will be of some use.

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Hi, Paul.

I already checked all controls settings and sensitivity. It can’t be this, as one only time, among serveral trys, the 47 went back to normal, and after that the problem returned. Also, I flew the H-135 normally. Do you think a reinstall could solve the problem?

But… then again, maybe I messed up with the trim buttons in the throttle lever. I thought they were not effective in any way, but I´ll check it later.

Hello again, Paul.

You nailed it. I found out that the trimmer buttons were still mapped to the controls. I unbinded them and voilá!


a mi me ocurre cuando estoy en cabecera de pista “listo para volar”.
msfs interpreta que es un avión y lo pone en cabecera con grados de flaps y con grados de trimer.
si me sitúo en el aparcamiento y yo hago el procedimiento de puesta en marcha y chequeo , no ocurre eso.

English translation to our Spanish friend above - Una muy cálida bienvenida para ti. :slight_smile:

It happens to me when I am at the head of the runway “ready to fly”.
msfs interprets that it is an airplane and puts it at the head with degrees of flaps and with degrees of trimer.
If I stand in the parking lot and I do the start-up and check procedure, that doesn’t happen.