Unfinished interior texturing?

The 206 looks great - mostly. The panel, seats, radio stack, etc all look nice. But I’m wondering about the panelling, particularly the door pockets, floors, seat belt retractor, and a few other places.

Most of the interior appears to be made of a really cheap white plastic panel, which I know the real one is made of too. However, the in-game model is almost too plasticky, like parts of it should be another material but aren’t, or like they should have more definition but don’t.

For example, the door pockets:

See how the pocket seems to be made of the same plastic panel material as the rest of the door? And it’s all glossy smooth.

Looking at the real birds, they almost always have a color accent there; Usually a carpet panel insert. Same for the lower half of the interior; Very commonly carpeted.

Some examples from sales listings… They either have carpet inserts with pockets, or no inserts and a flat panel in every case I’ve looked at.
bell 206b carpeted

Also you can see a lot more metal in those, where our in-game model just seems to be plastic throughout.

Another example, the seat belt retractor.

That’s a really basic cubemap which doesn’t even remotely reflect anything matching a helicopter interior. Again it just kind of looks like it’s not finished yet.

Anyway, are there plans to give the interior a little more character? It feels a little flat and sterile right now.

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I plan on doing as many interior types and weathering across the schemes mate. Most hate clean and shiny birds and this is planned for our updates to give it a used look but for release we went with clean and sparkly. And yes my bad for that seatbelt runner…hands up, i will sort that.


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That carpet must be in the premium aircraft. Please don’t put carpet in the TH57 version. :rofl:

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Maybe not the sharpest texture I’ve ever seen, but I really do appreciate the effort to make the pockets look like they are made of a different material from the door panels. It’s such a small thing but IMO it makes a big difference. Thanks!

We’re glad you like it! And yeah, definitely room to bump it up a little more there.

2.06 is looking good!

The plastic looks more plasticky, the door pocket texture is nice and crisp, the seat belt reels look much better. Really coming together.

Is it just me or do the door panels specifically still seem slightly too shiny/reflective? It makes them look unnaturally smooth in certain light to my eye.

Either way I’m running out of stuff to nag you about :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the great update.

Could be just that livery… try one with the light beige interior… mine is a good one for that :slight_smile: