Update Incoming!

Just so everyone knows we’ve got an update rolling out today with some nice fixes. It’ll be available on our website, and Heli Manager can take you to the download too once it’s live.

Rick will be showing it off on his Twitch stream at 12pm ET - Twitch


New Updated Version of the Flyinside Bell 47 Available today. See it in Action first on our live stream at 1200PM Eastern US time at http://www.twitch.tv/rotorrick Join the VFO discord Server to voice chat with Rick During the stream. https://discord.gg/v8S873xzTc See you there!


I was late to the party lol just missed the stream. Fantastic you folks are releasing an update !

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, the update is live FlyInside Bell 47 - Updates

Thanks for the update! From the list I see:

3D modeling problems, textures, glass effect I see has not been improved. I am confident that this will happen.

Are the ones I listed expected to improve? I’m used to Carenado development quality… The flyinside is almost perfect, but still needs to be improved on the model, textures.

Thank you for your work and work!

Yes we’ll definitely be working on the glass reflectivity, and some of the other issues you mentioned. We’re a much smaller company than Carenado so it takes us longer.


Will this update install over top of my existing 47? Or do I need to uninstall the old module first?

You can just install right over the top :slight_smile:

Visual sight and the perfect model are very important to me …
Thank you for addressing the issues! A professional helicopter will be the Bell 47 after the repairs. I would also like to buy helicopters made by FlyInside in the future!

am I wrong or with the new version there are problems with the center of gravity? to get it to the right place I have to remove the weight of the pilot …

We’re you having this issue in the previous build? We haven’t touched the Cg code.

no, first time this happens

The CG problem after applying the patch is that a scary weight & Balance screen appears every time the heli is loaded.

It shows the CG is a whopping -42808 out of balance!

But if the screen is dismissed, the helicopter seemingly flies normally.

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Ah you can safely ignore that, we don’t have our weight points properly setup for MSFS to see them it looks like, but it won’t affect the flight model. We’ll fix that though, it is a nasty message.

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Would recommend, turn on saving videos on Twitch, this way, people that miss the stream can watch it afterword’s at least for 14 days. You can also export VODs to YouTube

Settings > Stream > Store past broadcasts