Update notifications

Not sure if feature request is the right place to ask for this, but could you please offer an option to sent e-mails when the G47 is updated?

I don’t run the app with my pc start, and as I don’t get any emails, I only saw on Reddit there was a big update. Alternatively, I guess you still can’t transfer licenses to the marketplace? I’m really regretting buying it via your webshop, as the app (in my opinion) isn’t really user-friendly, especially compared to the marketplace version.


Notification from Flyinside would be good. But even without one, the time it takes the marketplace to get updates, you would find out somehow. Still waiting for this update to hit the marketplace.

Any chance this superb Bell47 could have opening doors at some point in the future?

Ummm The latest update has opeing (and removable) doors!