Version 1.30 -1.29 06/25/2021 update is very bad

Version 1.29 - 06/25/2021 update is very bad.

Poor quality textures, distortion of certain elements. All textures in the cockpit became of poor quality and incomplete. Discolored, melting textures. Missing pilots. Restore the previous version. Very bad update. He ruined the good helicopter.

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Thank you for the quick feedback. We’re looking into the artifacts, and we’ll have fixes out shortly.

In the meantime you can always revert to the previous build right from the Updates section of our website.

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Some more artifacts on the Mash livery with removed doors (not tested the other liveries yet)


Thanks Mike, not sure how we missed those. That’ll be an easy fix :slight_smile: How are you liking the MASH otherwise?

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Not really into MASH but it looks great :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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is there also the one on floats?
if not i stay on the older one,i have make so many liverys now,i think i have to redo then? so i wait for this…

i have test the new one(1.3),
mash look´s nice,but all other paint from this release need fixes…
the colours from cabin all not match to tail?

this look´s ugly…
this was a clean liverys install,no changes.
found also no paintkit
and the one one floats is not i go back to last then

The new window openings are very ugly too! Why spoil such a pretty beast with such superfluous ugly details?


yes,i also not like this new window,even it is right i think…


Lots of visual flaws, bad textures. Undo this update. It did not fix the bugs, but caused more bugs. The cockpit was simply ugly. Photorelistic textures are gone. Very, very many mistakes …

I restored the previous version.

the next i will try is the one on floats,i like the last version as is,
i am not realy into Mash,but this look´s realy nice…
so for for me there is no need to hurry,if you want me to test them,feel free,i will do…
but please better test the future updates before release :worried:.
it is a very nice Helicopter… :+1:

Hi All,

Obviously some issues with this update. You can expect a patch next week to clean up some things. I’d just like to gather a full list of issues.

hhelikopter - Did you test 1.30, it addresses the most blatant of the issues you circled. Which photorealistic textures are you seeing missing at this point, that used to be there?

Easyraider - Even in previous builds (basically since release), the tail boom has not been painted to match the helicopter. It’s been black on yellow, white on blue, but is matching red on red. Am I misunderstanding the issue you’re reporting there? If something did change we’ll fix it but I’m not seeing it.

For next week, at a minimum, we will fix:

  • Floating bits with doors removed
  • Restrict door windows to just a couple of liveries. Many Bell 47s did have these, but I can understand the dislike
  • Fix the missing pilots
  • Look into altimeter issue

Anyways, pile on here, and I’ll extend this list to get this update up-to-spec.



Hey Dan,
yes the colours at the tailwings and cabin and Tanks are different red or Yellow,Helisimer also has the bluetail from The one were the textures are.
for me no paint at the new ugly window at the most…
mybee you release the wrong pack?..
look the pics.they show all…
also for me is no need to hury a patch next week,maybee better to release a big update inkl. the float one…
take the time to get it right…
we have a nice 47 as is now,
i like it as is at moment…
oh,for me i have all old textures fixed,and never used your as is,
now i have make a clean install because the changes you did…
example wat i use,

the tailboom in black,or a different colour is ok,the ruder and smal tailwings,that has to match if you use red and red…

do not get me wrong,this is wat i like,if i not like i can change for me then,
but a lot can not do this…
if i make repaints it make i will not redo them after every update,so
one big,wat cover all is wat i prefer :wink:

cheers Ralf

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I say the update is catastrophic. He ruined this amazing helicopter. I suggest you cancel the update. Start working from a previous flawless version.

All painting variations are mixed. In the cockpit, the photorealistic textures disappeared in several places and faded. Exterior painting variations are also dull, with no reflection. Pilots are also missing …

I have indicated the glass effect several times, which I think is very important! Exterior view lacks the glass effect. In the cockpit, it’s awful bad. Add clean glass.

I suggest you start developing the update again from the last good version. The current version is so bad and everything is back together that they can’t be fixed. I don’t understand what happened, that such chaos happened. The experience is awful.

The Bell 47 and was an amazing, awesome model, don’t ruin it!

Thank you for your work, hard work, I hope everything returns!


Also i notice the Exaust textures in the update 1.3 are black now?
good is they are the same now :+1:,before one was chrome one side look as the texture was missing(strange) white…
the chrome was nice for a restored one,maybee a option?
maybee also a option to use 2 ore more Model folder…
Float,ventwindow and whitout ?
the Vc inside,yes see post before…was a lot better in old version…

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Hey Dan, see also my recent posts in tech support. There’s a dropbox link too, to livery just using plain “flood fill” textures. All items then seen in msfs should be coloured appropriate to the texture sheet they are mapped to. If you look at these you will see where other users are getting their complaints from.

That’s how reflections look in real life.

There is no such thing in reality. A pilot I know said. Development error … Bad effect … I just made the video:

Bell 47 glass


Nice catch Jakob! Proof that there are reflections. Sorry @hhelikopter :wink:

I have sat in the right hand seat for many, many hours in my time and yes, that huge bubble does reflect and shade in many odd ways. This model is pretty close in that respect but it is limited by the capabilities of the cubic envmap.

If you have high gloss surfaces inside the cockpit and you fly into the sun, you will get reflections. With the sun behind you you will get shadows - especially as the inside of the canopy collects dust. Flyinside’s perspex is pretty good considering the restraints of simulation software. On the other hand, I do feel that the old FSX method using transparency of the 3D model rather than envelope mapping was better at this. And of course - that would also allow painting on thetransparent model parts.

Get into a military version and the effect is way less because all militaries love matt paint - except when they go on parades. Then they love polish. (I really hated “shining” up our paintwork with WD40 :laughing: )