Version 1.30 , still some issues

Just tested the version 1.30 :

1- Still some artifacts when the doors are removed, like mikefear303 said in a previous post for v1.29.
2- No pilot and copilot from external view.
3- The B shortcut for Altimeter/Kohlsman don’t work anymore ( it was ok in v1.25)

And, just my opinion, but i don’t like the new windows, i prefer the “clean” doors :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks to check it out


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With the issue for the B shortcut for Altimeter/Kohlsman, there still an issue with the 10.000 ft pointer.
The 10.000 pointer is wrong/useless.

Version 1.30 is also bad. There are a lot of flaws in it. I took pictures of the bugs. Please take pictures of the bugs and post them in the forum topic:

There is a forum topic that deals with this: