Version 1.80 Update - Loss of custom liveries?


I have a livery custom made for me by a designer, which now does not work and cannot be displayed, now that the new update has been installed.

Is there going to be any work to fix this issue? Or are we faced with downgrading to version 1.71 in order to have our liveries working?

Just asking . . .



i have some working,uploadet to
i think the only 2 that work at moment :worried:
they work only for 1,8 ski. you can use them as a basic,if you send me your.i can do a mod?
cheers Ralf


Really sorry for the late reply - I lost my access to the forum!
I have the custom paint updated now for version 1.8 - and it has the floats

Thanks for the offer though,


great :+1:
cheers Ralf