VR EFB Tablet - additional characters to satisfy the minimum

Dan, Tony, and company.

You guys have consistently pushed the impossible with pioneering VR in the flight sims. One thing that I have always wanted is to have my iPad with Foreflight in VR with me. I know there are things such as lonely screen that can mirror the screen, but interaction is cumbersome at best. It would be pretty amazing to have a user friendly VR EFB tablet with all the bells and whistles of a modern Foreflight type app.

Possibly even a collaboration with Navigraph to bring their Charts app into the VR cockpit, or something similar.


I second this. Navigraph, Foreflight, Fltpln Go etc are becoming very popular in the sims these days. Now there are ways to bring in these aps into VR but they are a headache and very cumbersome to achieve. To have onboard access to Navigraph would be stellar.

As someone that fly’s PilotEdge, this is a must have. At the very least even a 430 for airspace situational awareness.

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From their forum, I understand that Navigraph themselves are working on a stand-alone app that will allow their charts to be viewed within the cockpit, including in VR.

They have yet to publish any more detail or timescales, but it might be worth checking that forum out, if you don’t already.

As for this helicopter, I understand that there may be plans for some form of EFB, but I have yet to hear any mention of that including an interface with Navigraph Charts, Foreflight etc.

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This is very good news! Thanks for sharing, I will indeed be having a look. Msfs really does need this.