VR: motion reprojection compatibel non blurry rotor

Is it possible to produce a rotorblad which in VR with Motion Reprojection on is not watery blurry?

I modified the texture myself for this very purpose. I’m happy to share this, but not sure of the best way to do so.

Ow great!I also tried that but no luck. Hm, is a direct message possible here? I try.

I have emailed it to you. Let me know how you get on. This may not be what you are after. Mine is actually a very, very blurry rotor to reduce the jelly/jello effect with projection. You sill get a bit of wobble, but it gives a nice sensation of spinning (in comparison to propellers, rotors are slow enough to be aware of them spinning). I am not a fan of the strobe effect as my eyes do not have a 60Hz refresh rate.

Installed your rotor file, works great! Almost no blurry jelly effect. Thanks! I would recommend putting it on flightsim.to for sure.

I couldn’t find a simple guide to uploading to flightsim.to, plus have little time at the moment. I have previously sent it to Daniel at Flyinside; maybe we can get them to incorporate it as an alternative.

That would even be better!

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