VR zoom in cockpit

Could we get VR zoom in cockpit? Some gauges are hard to read.

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Have you tried the mouse scroll wheel

No I hadn’t. I tested it now and didn’t worked either. The right mouse button works in stock planes but not in this. I have heard that some other 3rd party planes have same problem.

This heli is awesome and this is only little nuisance. I can see manifold pressure clearly, it is those lower gauges

No you must use the scroll wheel click the scroll wheel then move the scroll wheel backwards or forwards it works for me to see the lower gauges just move the mouse backwards or forward make sure you click the scroll wheel first

I usually just lean in closer, but I must admit I sometimes bang my head on my desk.

Didn’t help. Do you have working zoom in VR?

Leaning is best what I have now.

That’s what I mean, I’ve never used the zoom, I think it would break the immersion a bit. I’ve got a Reverb G2, so you only have to lean a little towards what you want to see it clearly

I have reverb G1 but scaling is 50%. That way I can fly even in London with landmarks or 3rd party airfields. I have 3800x + 1080ti, this heli demands less power than some stock GA planes.

I think one of most demanding what I have is OrbX London City Airport.

I know this is an old thread, but this would still be a nice feature. VR zoom with other planes in MSFS does not actually make anything bigger, it just moves your head closer to the instruments without the risk of hitting it on the PC monitor or whatever else may be in front of you. It will move towards whatever instrument is in the centre of view. This is especially useful for those of us on lower resolution headsets.