We are using your Virtual 47 TO practice for IRL 47G2 lessons

My daughter and I are using your Virtual 47G TO practice for real life Bell 47G2 lessons in a 1965 model . We are excited to use your just incredibly we modeled helicopter for MSFS 2020. Thanks for a wonderfully useful work of art!

We were going to learn in a Robinson R22B but two of our instructors we had taken a few lessons with died in separate accidents in R22s so we quit. Later on took a few lessons in a Schweitzer 300C but we moved and nothing like that available nearby. But we did find a Bell47G2 that was nearby and the owner said we could use it and even offered a friend as an instructor who is teaching him.

The aircraft has a new annual and a new Lycoming engine as well. Completely restored and looks almost new. No hydraulic controls or throttle correlator in our IRL 47 so your modelled helicopter is perfect for us to get familiar with the actual machine before we fly it. We just need to find an affordable collective with a twist throttle that is compatible with MSFS and our Dell G7700/Nvidia RTX 2070. We got the 17" dell laptop and it has never got hot…

We currently use the Thrustmaster Airbus joystick, Saitek pro pedals and the Logitec throttle quadrant for our simulated controls but our awkward ‘collective’ is a little clumsy to say the least. We get very smooth framerates though with everything set to medium and can take off, hover, cruise and land using the ‘governor’ for throttle correlation. Thanks so much for that feature and the option to fly without it as soon as we obtain or build a decent collective.

Best regards


Hi Russ and welcome aboard.

It’s great to hear that you and your daughter are having a good time flying the B47G in MSFS and hope that you also have at least as good a time in the real one. :slight_smile:

I am sure that someone will be along soon, to let you know about their preferred options for collectives.