Where is your own pilot model?

Hello and thanks for this little beauty.
I think I read that you wanted to use your own pilot model. Is that the case and when can it be expected?
Is it possible to deactivate the standard msfs pilot and co-pilot models?

We ended up changing plans there - issue being no matter what, if a user chooses a custom avatar in MSFS, it’ll inject the MSFS one. Then you end up with two pilots freakishly merged into each-other.

Atleast for now, we decided just to go with the MSFS ones so that doesn’t happen. It also means users can swap in the avatars they prefer instead of being stuck with ours.

It’s a shame, as the standard models in the cockpit look strange with their legs outstretched.
Like i ask before, is it possible to deactivate the standard msfs pilot and co-pilot models?

I suspect that setting them to default, in the MSFS Misc settings, should make them disappear, so maybe give that a try.

Currently you would have to go into the aircraft.cfg file and delete the lines that say PILOT_0 and PILOT_1.

Next update, we’ll have this set so you can turn them off how HawkMoth said.

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Thanks for your answers. Hopefully you will have a suitable pilot model at some point in the future.

This is great info. I’m less than enthused with the pilot models I’ve seen in the videos on You Tube. I was hoping I could just have the pilot alone. You answered that question. It would be nice if the legs could be animated by connecting them to the pedals. The head turning animation is amazing.

Just wondering. Adding a front PAX in the payload management system doesn’t seem to make a copilot appear in the cockpit, neither with the cockpit camera or the external camera. Am I doing something wrong?

for me it work. ok

all fine…