Wild behaviour on 2 occasions

This is the second time in 3 days that the Bell 47 turned upside down and spiraled down. Once again, I managed to recover (after trimming a few bushes ), but this has got to be a bug in the modelling software.

The second time, I am 100% sure I was not exceeding the torque or the speed. I was well inside the limits and yet the heli started tilting sideways to the left and then turned upside down.

Note: The gauges do not show the real values. The recording software has a hard time capturing the real values according to the developer because MSFS does not yet support helicopters. You can see the effect if you look at the wild movements of the cyclic.

Any ideas why this is happening?
Thank you

It’s possibly you’re pushing the threshold with relative high speed at high altitude and perhaps some descent vector in there too plus if your pitot isn’t directly into airflow it will under read the airspeed too.

If you are flying close to the limit, a gust of wind can be enough to turn you over.

What you are experiencing are classic symptoms of RBS, so maybe fly a little bit further below the limit?

Better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

I was nowhere near the speed limit and I was flying with a weather preset of clear and no wind at all. If I try to duplicate what happened by actually speeding, it does behave predictably and it rolls over, but before the roll, it starts to shake quite strongly and there is no way I would not have noticed that when it happened twice before.
When I tried to speed on purpose, I was flying in 2D, but the videos I posted were made while flying in VR. So maybe VR has something to do with it.

I tried a deliberate overpeed flight and it behaved as expected. It rolled over, but before it did, it started shaking quite noticeably before the roll started. I would definitely have noticed that when it happened on my last flight. I could have been speeding on the video named “Don’t do that…” but definitely not in the one named”another close call…”

keep in mind the grand canyon rim is at 8000ft or so. The air’s gettin thin

After carefully replaying the video before the roll over, I was in fact going quite slow for a while but shortly before the end, I lowered the nose a bit too much & too fast and for a short time, the speed reached 90 mph just before the roll over. So, I was wrong! My apologies for the false alarm and kudos for a great flight model :+1:. I am really enjoying this helicopter and my only wish is that it would have more power so I could travel a bit faster without killing myself :sweat_smile:


I experienced the same when I flew close to a hill. I pushed down the collective and somehow managed to survive. Yes, we still have a lot to learn. For me this doesn’t matter anyway, because I still crash in 90% of my landings. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: