Wind effect on helicopter

Just flew 47G in a strong wind (21 knots, chose real weather did not check wind), and am not sure my understanding of wind effect on helicopter is correct.
I was taking off near to a windsock, so had visual reference where wind is blowing, and was expecting the helicopter to be blown and follow wind direction. But it felt like it goes against the wind.
I.e. windsock pointed ahead and a little to the right (comparing to helicopter orientation), but helicopter was pushed backwards and to the left. And I needed to apply extra cyclic to forward and right to keep it in place.

Is it correct behavior?

Be careful if you are using an airport mod !
Sometimes, the windsock isn’t correct and is wrong by 180 degres (in the MSFS sdk, a new object is set with a 180 orientation… Something like that) !

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Just checked wind direction degrees, and it is indeed opposite to what windsock shows.
But it is default airport LFVP Saint Pierre. I have only two custom airports in other parts of globe.

It’s known problem with some default airports too. I find it’s very hit out miss if the windsock is correct or reversed.