Bell 47G at Cruise

When flying stabilized at cruise speeds, changing views alters flight path slightly. Like when looking left, looking right, going to external etc…

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: how do you change views ? Hat switch on the stick ?


Most of my view controls are on and around the hat switch; however, it’s also happening with the crtl preset views on the keyboard and zooming. I have the Thrustmaster 1600 setup and it is fairly new (hall sensor X and Y axis). Seems like it’s not happening all the time so I’m not sure what’s going but i don’t think it’s input. I’ll do some more testing and maybe post a short video of what I see along with my inputs in the background somehow. Seems to go away after fiddling with the views a lot after a few minutes. When it does happen it is very noticeable.

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Not heard anyone talking about this previously mate, a vid would be very helpful :slight_smile:


Clear weather near KLAX was set. First part of the video shows no issues at slow flight, then I speed up and stabilize to show that the tail swings when going to external view and later when zooming into gauges. Sorry about the poor quality as i just happened to catch the issue (seems random) on short notice.

I did more test flying today and it is very difficult to reproduce consistently (most of the time very stable). I’m not sure what it is, but when it does happen it seems to effect torque (rudder, z axis) subtly. It was happening pre Sim Update 7 too. I do have a very slight curve in my rudder profile, and I will take it out and see if the problem goes away for good. I’m not sure what else to try at this point.

Anyway, thank you for the quick responses and a great product. I’ve only had it for a few weeks and already have many, many hours of enjoyment out of it. I look forward to the 47G’s bigger relative, the Bell Huey or Bell 212 (Twin Huey) with high hopes… :slight_smile:

Problem still shows after updating rudder curve. Very strange…

Just for clarification I just tested and the issue is not present on R44 or H145.

Ok 1 more. This is after a fresh system reboot. Around the 2 minute mark I start looking left and the heli tips and twists slightly to the opposite direction. Hope this helps…

I’m trying to reproduce this on my rig, just to rule things out, nothing is double mapped is it ? Views aren’t still assigned to keys or vice versa with the hat switch, trim etc. Not seeing it yet with my warthog bit continuing to test.


i have nothing assigned to the Hat, using default. I DO; however, have a thumb button assign to Alternate View 2. I have Alt 2 preset to zoom out a bit so i can see all the gauges.

Would it be too much hassle to un map everything related to the 47 and your joystick and start afresh, ensuring all assignments not needed or assigned are removed then rebuild your assignments and see how we get on ?


I fly the same profile for everything I fly currently. Nothing special for the Bell as it rather simplistic. I guess i can just revert back to a default profile for testing somehow for Joystick and Throttle. Let me fiddle around and get back to you.

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Can I just ask how you have your smartcam setting set? Is it set to hold or toggle?

I’ve been trying to recreate what we see in your video and I can’t achieve anything like it unless Smartcam is active.

For me, with smartcam on, when switching to the external view, the viewpoint appears to take some time to settle down, whereas with it off, the viewpoint appears to be directly behind and on the axis of the Bell immediately.

Of course, it depends upon what your smartcam target is and from your video, it would have to be pretty close to the end of the runway you are flying towards for this to be the cause of what you are seeing.


My smartcamera is set to hold, not sure if i’ve ever played with that. I got those views behind the Heli with a thumb button assigned to “Cockpit/ External View Mode” in the Camera Mode Switches category.

on a side note i am running at 1440p

It can’t be that then. Worth checking i suppose.

Have you tried sitting on the centreline of a runway, effectively where you’d be at the start of a flight, not taking off and just using the End key on the keyboard to switch between cockpit and external views?

That way, the views should both always be pretty close to looking straight down the centreline.

Well my joystick has a reset to center too and it was. I’ll try what your saying now.

Reset joystick profile and first test flight showed same results as first video by hitting the end key. It also altered course using left hat as the second video. In the beginning of the flight, when i hit the end key i am looking straight down the runway with the heli tail slightly to the right.

hmmm, my external view is directly behind the helicopter, looking straight down the axis of the helicopter.