Ground contacts on v.1.92

the Bell206 glides on the ground as if it had a running gear: if you land on land with a simple slight slope, the helicopter slips!

On the other hand (unrelated to the fact that it slides on the ground), it is impossible to put only one skate or only the front of the skates (which is feasible in reality) on a slope: the 206 loses its stability as soon as it comes into contact with the skates


This may have something to do with attempted changes regarding this person’s post:

yes indeed I think that the modification was made to respond to this person in relation to the slips in autorotation, but now the effects generated by this modification have negative impacts on the support of the skates on the ground on slopes!

I see the issue. I am not sure what is going on as I am not an aircraft designer. The fix for friction on the runways is better now, but I can confirm what you are saying here. Landing on a slope she just slides away. I don’t know what parameters affect this, but the Bell 407 in the sim does not suffer from this. I can do run-on landings and have a little slide at the landing auto rotations, but it will also land and hold a slope. Hopefully a fix to balance the two can be found.

EXACTLY what is happening to me!

while waiting for a more convincing evolution, I went back to version 1.91 which seems more realistic to me!

Thanks for the reports all, we’ll get this dialed in.

When I finally land (which is still difficult because of the ‘rudder’ issues), my B206 behaves like a supermarket trolley on a very gradual slope!

The skidding in version 1.92 is to much.
Hope they go back to the one of version 1.91

Just compared the flight_model.cfg files from 1.91 and 1.92.
They changed the contact point type from 3=skid to 1=wheel
So in 1.91 it is all correct, in 1.92 it is wrong because there are skid no wheels
I try to go back to type 3=kids and report.

Skids unfortunately have non-adjustable friction, which can really mess with run-on landings. We had a bug in 1.92 with our friction adjustment on the wheels.

We should have a beta available in a few minutes to test - which should fix the sliding issue, but also work with run-on landings. Would you be interested/available to test?

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I’m not familiar with this ere BETA stuff and really, haven’t got a clue what it is.

@in_04 Could you give this build a try and let us know what you think?

This should prevent the weird sliding issues while still allowing for nice run-on autos.

Do we have to de-install the 1.92 version first?

No - you can just install right over.
@Captain_Wealthy - This probably won’t help with the rotation as you lift the collective on the ground (confirmed as bug in Easy mode, we’re working on it). It will help with the sliding on touch-down though.

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Will try it, just downloaded. Report back as soon as installed. Thanks for the fast corrections :slight_smile:

I love it, feels good for me :slight_smile:
Merry Christmas to you and the team.

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in my opinion it’s a little better with v1.93 but it’s not good yet!
moreover, it is still not possible to place 1 single skid on sloping ground.

We’re still working on the single-skid contact issue. We’ll get there soon! Wanted to get this fix out ASAP though because the hill-slide is super annoying

EDIT: Didlam, are you finding 1.91 better in this regard? Or is 1.93 an overall improvement from 1.91 and 1.92?

yes I prefer the 1.91 as far as the position on the ground is concerned, its only problem lies in the fact that you can’t slide when landing from an autorotation
in any case, congratulations for the flight model which is very precise. You have reached a milestone which brings us closer to the sensations of helicopter flight