How I long for a stable Bell 47

This is what we should have…

Your version is fun, But a hot mess. :wink:

What do you mean “hot mess”?

Great video. I notice the constant cyclic adjustments to hold it steady. I don’t look at that and ask for a stable helicopter, just for the skill to fly like that.

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I have a lot of time in the 47 - It will hover virtually hands off - Even large cyclic movements are not big disrupters. This model is always trying to “get away” from you.

Download this and you’ll get a better feel of how a helicopter really reacts IRL. And an R44 is WAY more touchy than a 47.

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The developer who made the flightmodel also has 2500hrs on the Bell47. :wink:

Anyone flown the R22 in AFS2? I’m told this is pretty realistic and I certainly found it a lot easier to fly.

I do a lot of MSFS addon alpha/beta testing for third party companies. There are also a lot of IRL pilots involved and what is a realistic flightmodel for one is not that realistic for another so it’s quite a subjective topic. Best way to get a good flightmodel is to take the advise from all and find a good middleground. :slight_smile:

And for the bell 47 the flightmodel is quite variable already. you can make it more stable to your liking in the heli manager settings.

I highly doubt it… He’s welcome to come and fly with me and show me his competency.

This Bell 47 is a real challenge and big fun to me!


I like the R44 project beta1.0 (with AirlandFS 1.4beta) flew it today and the older versions too but the Bell47 flightmodel feels more refined, I have no trouble flying like in that video AlpineWarren posted, I just use a joystick with twist grip. and heli manager on realistic setting.

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Our pilot wouldn’t lie about this, he has a total of 11,000 plus hours across a wide and varied flying history, he owns 2 helicopters and fixed wing and is a very knowledgeable person with integrity. Keep in mind we are simulating helicopter flight to the best of his and our ability :slight_smile:



I found the Bell 47 almost impossible to fly at first. Then I found in time I could take off and fly it with a certainty of a crash landing in store. Now I can fly it and land most times without a crash landing. Something has changed and I’m sure it’s not the helicopter. It is the most fun aircraft I have in MSFS (I use VR exclusively) to fly.


Thanks for those kind words mate, when I was building it and Dan first started adding systems I was like you, finding it impossible to fly, now I’d be happy to take it to the local shops to pick up some food :slight_smile: still crash more often than not though lol


P.s. I’m like you, exclusively VR

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After many :slight_smile: hours practice I can now fly the Bell 47 fairly well in full realism mode - apart from still having to use the guv’nor! What is great fun is flying it in Neofly (A free career add-on for MSFS 2020) and accepting the “emergency” missions that aren’t too far away. Trying to find a spot to put the Bell 47 down safely - and then get it back out again without hitting a tree - is challanging but I now rarely crash. Overflying the potential landing zone and identifying a track in and out is vital…

I’m not flying in VR mode (yet…) but what does help a lot is having a good joystick, throttle & rudder pedals. I’m using Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS with Thrustmaster Tflight pedals, with the sensitivity set up as suggested in the Flyinside manual.

as I’ve said before, getting the balance right between data numbers, "gameplay and what the end user experiences with their individual set up is incredibly tough.

again, flying on the mid range difficulty gives the sweet spot for me.

I find the “realistic” mode far too twitchy, but this could be down to many many reasons both on my end and/or inherent from the sim to the mod itself etc etc etc.

one needs to find that happy medium where the performance of the aircraft emulates both the perceived and realistic expectations.

having a flight model that’s 100pc accurate “by the data numbers” often won’t translate in to a fun or accurate feeling aircraft as we have no way of getting all the real world feedback we would in real life.

I’m all for over exaggeration of sounds, textures, basically any audio/visuals to balance this lack of awareness out to give a “real feel” rather than a cold data simulation


however, I would like the central console in that vid as an option to the bare bones one we currently have.


So something like a tack on GPS 430 or similar ? What other things mate ?


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sorry, just saw this.

I’m happy for anything even if it’s already in sim stuff and not usually applicable to the real life bell as we have to make do with what we have rather than rely on you guys and gals to implement “new” stuff.

even the ability to “host” mod readouts as other helis do.

Tbh, when it comes to the Bell I have little practical knowledge but I do know that I like the look of all those “busy” possibly impractical DIY centre consoles. :slight_smile:

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After having flown this model many hours now, I am still not ok with the way it handles.

I don’t think the problem is that it’s too touchy. It is the exact opposite. It doesn’t respond fast enough (or at all) on minor cyclic inputs. That, in effect, forces you to move the cyclic more than should be required, forcing you to overcontrol in the end. Constantly.

I have Cyclic Sensitivity at 100 and both Stabilities at 0. Only FSUIPC axes curves somewhat adjusted.

Yes, I know the developer has 2500hrs on the Bell47 and owns a hangar of flying machines.
This doesn’t change the fact I face though. It is very difficult to micro-control this heli. I believe it would be a flying coffin if it behave like this IRL.

OTOH the above mentioned Robinson R44 is a joy to control. Precise control with micro cyclic movements. As is the X-Plane Dreamfoil 407 and AS350.

I really don’t want to bash this Helicopter. It is great otherwise and we are very lucky to have it on MSFS. It’s a pity that it just misses the mark though. In my personal opinion, of course, which may or may not be valid, but that it is.

Aircraft in general don’t react that quickly - there is always a delay, sometimes small, sometimes large, between applying an input and getting a response.

I used to own a 2-seater aircraft that reacted extremely quickly in roll and rather more slowly in pitch; after a while I developed the “muscle memory” to be able to fly it very precisely. I also used to fly Piper PA28s (151s and 161s), and again neither responded particularly quickly to an input. It took anticipation, sometimes applying more input that would be finally needed for maybe half a second just to (for example) to get the attitude right on the approach.

I’ve also got a small amount of time flying (for real) Robinson R22s. Again there was a delay between control input and response - longer in collective and yaw than cyclic, which was quite quick especially in the cruise where it was more very slight pressure than actually moving the collective.

So do I think the flyinside B47G flies as the real B47G does? I don’t know - but I have learnt how to fly it reasonably well. It has taken time… and practice… and patience… and good controllers (Thrustmaster Warthog throttle/joystick, Thurstmaster pedals).

And when my wife walks into my study she knows if I’m flying the B47G in a hover; apparently when I’m concentrating really hard my tongue sticks out!


It apparently doesn’t matter what we think. Even if you are probably the highest time Bell 47 pilot on the planet and former designated flight examiner in it.