Most beautiful places for the Bell 47

Hi friends, please some recommendation of those most beautiful places to enjoy fantastic views through the glass dome of the wonderful Bell 47 ???.

Thank you so much.


Maybe try out the Grand Canyon, but be careful when you cross the rim, as the sudden drop off beneath you can be a bit of a stomach churner. :slight_smile:

If you, like me, likes to hunt places in urban landscapes, you will love to fly around North L. A., from Burbank’s Bob Hope airport. Heading south, you can fly over Universal Studios, then the Hollywood Bow, Dolby and the Chinese Theaters, even the Sunset’s Guitar Center store. Around there you can see the Hollywwod Sign and the Griffith Observatory. I’ve been over LACMA, The Grove, The Westing Bonaventure in Downtown, the Air and Space museum at Figueroa Street, Santa Monica Pier, etc. The Los Angeles scenery addon is better, but Asobo´s original database is good enough.


Downtown Chicago is very interesting as well, and, of course, Manhattan. I didn’t try yet nature places, but I presume that the Horseshoe Bend would be a great place to fly.

Just flown over New Orleans. The Aquarium, Casino, French Quarter. Lots of fun.

A sunset flight in the Lake District of the UK is my favourite at the moment. Take off from Cark in Morecambe Bay and head North.

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Island hopping in the North Hebrides is stunning at dusk, and the Milford Sound area of New Zealand

I’ll give that a try. Nice to set it down on a hill or mountain overlooking a loch, shut the engines down, watch the sunset and listen to the birds. Try doing that in a 747.

I visited the southern Outer Hebrides, which are absolutely beautiful. In reality, though, there are no trees (still beautiful).

One of my favorites is to start from Imperial Beach KNRS south of San Diego and head north hugging the SoCal coastline beaches and cliffs all the way to Long Beach. Particularly with addons like the latest Global AI Ship Traffic and Los Angeles Helipad pack from The Coronado Peninsula, ship traffic entering and exiting San Diego, Torrey Pines, Del Mar racetrack, Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, San Onofre, San Clemente, Doheny and Dana Point, Laguna, Balboa Peninsula, then landing on the Queen Mary helipad next to where the Spruce Goose used to be housed, all makes for great scenery along the way. Even better on an early morning with some cloud cover.


@Stoopy I have landed beside Queen Mary before, but didin’t know about the Helipads, thanks for the tip. I also love Sand Diego area, and even landed on the USS Midway, but I couldn’t find the La Jolla caves area. I’ve been there twice in real world, but couldn’t identify the place from the air, did you?

@alceubap I should have mentioned that to land on the helipads at the Queen Mary you will need the “Los Angeles Helipads Pack 1” from - also, the La Jolla caves area should be there but to be honest I never visited the caves although I used to scuba dive in that area some - but mostly further North around Laguna and the various coves along that region. But I would doubt that you could actually see the cave as it is in real life - just the cliffs and nearby beach areas.

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If you find yourself in the Bay Area with the Bell 47, then you might want to fly it out to Alcatraz Island - there are at least 3 areas there that are landable, although the boat dock on the north side of the island is best in terms of the skids not sinking into the ground. Seems “The Rock” is not quite as hard-surfaced as the name implies. But it’s a lot of fun! :smiley:


Luxemburg is a very interesting place to visit. Very rich topografy.

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Mauna Kea.

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If you have Henrik’s amazing ship mods ( and ) then ship spotting is pretty cool.

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hats off to the guys who flew this in the TV show. I find it really hard to nail that decent through the valley then a 180 turn with short turning area, all while keeping forward speed on to keep in the safe area of the height / velocity diagram. I think i need a lot more practice!

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How about Paris ?

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Oh, and now, at last, I found a way to do better screenshots!