My experience so far with the lovely B47G1

Been so excited for this helicopter, and now… I… well, I like it, the sound is great, the feel is great.
But as much as I think I understand the helicopter I really struggle and I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. And the documentation is not very helpful.

Either it just randomly cut power and I crash or I crash due to me over speeding and loose my lift…

Also, I can not make it climb for the life of me… I flew at 5500 ft (Monument valley) and I flew at sea level, I can not tell a difference. I used to fly a lot of helicopters in the older MS flightsims, and I know thats not the same but atleast I got some basics down so I sort of know how it needs to be flown. But no matter how gentle or slow I go it will bite me.

Feeling kinda like I do with the Corsair form Milviz, amazing thing, but no matter how I try it give me stall warnings at all speeds, all power settings, all configurations.

I understand the prop needles are supposed to split up? and I cant get it to do that either, they are like glued.

Hi Murdoch,

Thank you for trying her out! To try to help out a bit:

-Engine Failure - From page 19 of our manual check out the gauges. “Manifold Pressure” is your most important gauge. If that goes above the redline (currently 25), you risk blowing the engine. If you see it up there, reduce your collective or tail input. It should stop quitting on you if you pay attention to that.

-Overspeed - If you exceed around 105mph you can hit retreating blade stall, and the heli will flip upside down uncontrollably. Note that if you are flying a bit sideways, the airspeed indicator will read low, meaning it could happen when you see only 95-100mph. Normally this heli cruises around 80-85mph so you should be able to avoid that. Also, keep an eye on the RPM - if the engine can’t keep blade RPM in the green then you are overloading the engine.

-Climbing - She should climb nicely, manifold pressure at or below redline, at around 60mph forward airspeed. Just bring up your collective to that power setting, and then adjust with pitch to get the airspeed you want. She’ll settle into a decent climb.

-Prop needles - These won’t split unless you bind a manual throttle control and turn off the piston governor, otherwise the gov will keep them married for you almost all the time.

While getting used to the heli, it can’t hurt to turn off “Engine Failures” and try out “Medium” difficulty, from the Heli Manager Flight Model tab.


These kind of specific details would really help budding pilots If they could be included in the common issues section of the manual.

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Vne should be 100mph, decreasing 3.5mph per 1000’ over 1400’.
(or 4.5mph if weight is over 2350lbs)
Best climb speed is 45mph.
Typically you’ll cruise at ~70mph.

Hi @Implicit , it’s good to have you aboard.

How are you finding the Bell 47G?

I’m flying! So I’m not doing anything really differently, except maybe a bit better on the input but I’m flying over Sweden now and it feels so good its unreal. MAN is at 21 and RPM’s in the green and I did that before as well, the big worry is overspeed, its so easy for it to get away from you. I get up to 80 or 90 mph and I almost panic hahaha

I’ll keep at it. I’m still on realistic with failiures on!


Have you yet to experience what happens when you do go overspeed?

I did it over the Grand Canyon yesterday, when i think a combination of perhaps clumsily losing altitude and a strong gust of wind caused me to get a little closer to the rock formations than intended. :slight_smile:

Suffice it to say, it provided a good incentive not to let it happen again.

I dont know what clicked, but I have been flying for maybe an hour or two now, landed twice, once in a farm between houses. I just fly it now, realistic settings, governor was on at first by misstake but the flip button was not engaged so not sure if it do anything, turned that off, flies just fine. I have gotten used to the sensitive input I guess.

I dont think I ever did a crazy overspeed, and today I have been hitting 90 mph on the regular no issues, so I dont know what happened the other day, its fine now… so far xD


It’s probably just getting used to it and being very gentle with the controls, but good to hear that it sounds like you are enjoying the experience.

Especially if you fly in VR, I’d recommend that Grand Canyon flight. Just fly due north from KGCN and see how your stomach reacts when you fly over the southern rim of the Canyon. It certainly hit mine, as the ground just drops away massively. Oh and there are some interesting landing spots atop the mountains and ridges in the Canyon.

I flew over my home area in Sweden between 3 cities and I just did the smoothest landing I might ever ever ever do!


If it touch down and i am still alive…thats a good landing :slight_smile:


The feeling of getting this, flying it as its meant to be is just nutters! Forget warbirds people! This thing is just too good!


Uh… question.

Short story. I set out to fly between two cities over Sweden, about 60 min flight MSFS told me, well, I was 3 nm out from my dest… when the engine cuts out and I loose control, not perfected my autorotation yet lol… it cut out because I imagine I ran out of fuel, but the needle was just about to hit or had just hit the red area, is that normal? xD

I had been flying for about 70 minutes at that point.

If on RED then yes fuel starvation…but to rule out Eng Failure was this flashing in the transponder window ?


Was what flashing? There is a yellow little light that come on and off I think at times, no idea what that means, thats the only light I see at times.

I dont see why the engine would have failed, it was a pretty uneventul calm flight… btw I looove the engine management part of this heli, so happy its all manual!

Could it been a carb issue? I have not messed with the carb heat, maybe I need to do that from time to time. I saw in a video that on the turbo variant the turbo is so close to the carb and the heat from there make it so that you hardly ever need to touch it, but this is the 240 hp N/A engine I think? so maybe that was an issue, I had been going inland and getting a bit higher at the end, nothing crazy tho, maybe 1500 ft or 2000 max…

I also keep wondering when I for example decend, how important is the rotor RPM’s, do I use the collective to get down or the engine power, right now I juggle abit of both to try and keep it happy but I notice that if I end up going too fast it can be hard to recover fast enough.

You are a sadist LOL Eng Failure would pop up in the window of the transponder where the radio freqs are. But it does sound like a fuel issue, did it restart again when you (hit) touched down ???


I think I just exited out then, so I dunno. Let me tell you tho, my hand was not happy after holding that stick for 70 minutes no breaks :smiley:

And should the fuel cut at just 1 mm in to red? as I said I was sure I’d make it, I had just touched red, and the red part is huge on the guage xD

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Maybe Dan modelled that in without any reserves ? I’ll check for you but until then WATCH THAT GAUGE :joy: Yes months of testing my right arm is stronger than my left !!!