A special greeting .
The flight sensations are very good, my flights are all in VR, I am also using a movement platform (SFX100) AND BODYSHAKERS for the vibrations, everything together makes the flight very real, I did a small flight chasing elephants and landing by your side, with rainy weather, enjoying this helicopter.
It is one of my favorite helicopters, I would like it to be even more real, I only try to help improve if possible and it is only my personal opinion.
Improvements that I would like in the Bell 47G2-A1:
I have noticed that I have no control of the helicopter on the ground, there is no tilting or sliding through the tail rotor without taking off, always a small lift of the helicopter to have control.
In flight it has a very pronounced and repetitive swinging effect, with the movement platform it is accentuated even more, I have looked for this effect in real flights of the BELL but I have not had information, also I fly RC helicopters and this effect not exist.
I would like more details in the engine and textures of the Helicopter, it is where the beauty of these models lies, appreciating the work of MSFS in the Solo 103 Ultralight Plane , I also understand that they will be struggling with the FPS.
In the flight modes, only the control bars to adjust with our controls, in Helicopters there ar, there is no easy, medium or real mode, this can confuse people, My controls can have different values ​​depending on which brand of pc joystick , I am using Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog and in real mode it is impossible to pilot with those values, I had to go down to adjust to a real flight.

I just wish it gets better to enjoy this beautiful helicopter.
Greetings and happy flights


Hi and welcome to our forum, glad you are enjoying the Bell 47, graphical enhancements are planned in future updates :slight_smile: easy medium and hard is a very good compromise for the different skill levels of flight simmers and we feel this is a good balance.

As for your warthog, I use the same but have an extension that makes the world of difference to flying.

But before purchasing I had no problems with that setup :slight_smile:


I use the X55 Rhino on realistic mode no adjustments and I do just fine, I can do smooth flights, hovers and landings. I do mess up sometimes but the helicopter so far behaves as expected. My only issue now is I still sometimes get in to a VRS situation just as I enter ground effect and crash sometimes. But I now know why so I can avoid it.

I tend to wanna land by going straight down sometimes, and while possible its very tricky, its hard to decent at a rate that does not risk instability or VRS state due to the needed cyclic correction before touch down.

It took me 7 hours or so to get it to click and still 20+ hours in I still mess up my landings at times. But I atleast know why now and I never felt like blaming the helicopter and I love that, the fact that I know its all on me. Unlike some other aircraft I have flown where it feels like its either the sim or the aircraft model that has an issue.


I had an issue early on where the engine cut out on me and I was dead certain I was doing it all correctly. Well, nothing has changed, only me gotten better. I overloaded the engine and it stalled, simple as that. Even tho I had the MAN pressure within paramiters of safe operations, I can still over load the engine if I put too much collective in when for example making a banking turn or slowing down. And then the engine cuts, it might not even seem or feel like you do anything wrong at all, but it will happen, but I have not had that issue for a looong time now because I have learned for that misstake, took me a while to figure out. A guy on the discord with more heli experience than me got me on track(sim experience). He also has ultra light and fixed wing experience IRL.

Thanks for the welcome
I’m glad to know that it will improve with future updates, removing the doors should also increase the sound, hopefully for a next update.
Regarding the extension of the command, I already know that it helps, you have to do more travel for the same movement, I lower the response levels to achieve a flight similar to the real one, this is also done in RC for fine control.
This model has great affection for me, because in my childhood I flew in a real Bell 47.
happy flights

Look to the left down by the collective in the cockpit, click on the door frame and the doors are removed. That what you mean ?


I mean increase the sound by removing the doors

The sound volume increases already when removing the doors.


Yes same here too, noticeably so.

Thanks guys, I’ll check again, but I didn’t notice any difference in my case, that’s why I mention it

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I have rechecked the sound with doors removed and doors closed and the sound shows no difference, in my case.
I have tried with two sound cards to find out:
Asus Xonar SE Internal 5.1 Channels PCI-E
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCI Express
with both the sound is very good loud, engine starting and blades sound, including efforts for strong turns.
I will try a new installation of the Bell 47 G2-A1
Does anyone else have this problem or is it an isolated case?
a greeting

hi there so firstly the aircraft detail and animations are top notch, sound is pretty good but the flight model is sucky !! I have flown the bell 47 along with many other helicopters and this is way off , the 47 is one of the most stable machines out there and even in easy mode the disc is reacting way to fast to external and internal forces , the balance bar should smooth out most of the external forces .

The control movement is also way to much but if you turn down sensitivity then they are not fast enough to overcome the helicopters constant pitch and roll , especially when trying to hold an attitude to maintain speed .

I have followed the install guide to the letter and have set it up as described so am I missing something ? Because if not then this aircraft looks and sounds great but fly’s nothing like the real heli or any heli I have flown except maybe an R22 with a nervous student

Also the way carb heat is working is wrong , with the gov on you should get a rise in manifold pressure not a drop in rpm as the gov compensates .

that said please keep up the hard work and I am sure it will get there

Hi @AV8-n-Games and welcome aboard.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with the flight model. Could you please share the details of what controllers you are using and how you have them setup in MSFS?

Hi there I use a thrust master hotas with pitch roll yaw on the joystick and collective on the throttle , all sensitivity settings are as per the install guide which is pretty much how they are anyway. I have played around with both the game sensitivity and the settings on the heli manager , it’s the aircraft that’s causing issues being nether smooth or stable .

I am still messing about with it trying to find a setup that works as it’s a lovely aircraft to fly about in , if I can get it to work the real aircraft you can sit in a hover take your hands of and lean your body to fly about

I found it a little sensitive at first, but I have it dialled in so it flies nice and smooth. I set -30% on my joystick sensitivity on top of the realistic defaults, which compensates for my Warthog only being normal length. She’s a very obedient puppy now, but it did take a while to get used to her. I was overcorrecting at first even though I’m used to DCS/X-Plane etc and looking at the controls in the sim they were moving more than my real stick. It’s fine now so hang in there I’m sure you’ll get used to it.

Do you have headphone simulation set to on in the sim audio settings? That might be the cause of not much volume difference. (then it might be literally a isolated case :wink: )

Cheers Birddog I will keep trying

Keep popping back, interested to see how you get on :slight_smile: I have a warthog but a 3d printed collective, do you have loose or removed springs ? Extension? This makes the world of difference with a warthog stick imo.


Yup, I have the Warthog Hotas too, with a 20cm extension on the stick. It’s so much easier to fly, as you effectively have to move the stick so much further to affect the controls compared to the unextended stick. The springs in the joystick do not pull so hard to the centre either.

This is where different controls are going to very the experience quite drastically. I just bought some vkb gladiators for star citizen and such HOSAS kind of a setup. Very nice sticks but with no extension and using on a tabletop, I much prefer my honeycomb yoke to fly this bell. In realistic mode default settings i fly this thing a champ.

Thinking of buying a warthog with the add-on grip and the curved extension. Shame they don’t make a extension that supports the vkb gladiator, only the gunfighter. I wonder how the warthog with a nice extension would fair against the honeycomb.