Bell 47 v 2.66 MSFS content manager


I bought the Bell 47 inside the content manager of msfs…
but it is not updated to version 2.66…
when is it updated?¿?

(sorry my english)

2.66 was sent to MS the same day we released 2.66 to our website. It’s up to them when it gets posted to Marketplace. We have, essentially, no say in the process at all.

Should be soon…


Well, what a crap… we can wait sitting down. :frowning_face:

and why I can not install with the download file here in this website??
why I will need to install via the Marketplace within MSFS??

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If you purchased it through Marketplace, they do their own DRM thing and it’s encrypted in your OFFICIAL folder. We cannot do that as a third party, so either you have to wait for their process or buy direct. Usually the wait isn’t too long, but since we cannot control what MS does internally, it’s as much a surprise to us when it appears in the Marketplace.