Missing texture in v1.36?

I think there is a missing texture on the tail .
Look at the purple color

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Nice spot, will let Dan know :slight_smile:


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Thanks! Sorry, thought I’d gotten all of those :wink:

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I’m missing some, and also my copilot. Please, Easyrider, help! :laughing:

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Same here large part of the engine is just pink.

Wonky - Which livery are you seeing in that?

@wonky @alceubap @flyinside_dan and co

I had similar pink checkerboard textures on the Flying Iron Spitfire (for me it was the spinner). I think it’s a sim update 5 thing - not the fault of Asobo/MS though, but a developer thing - checkout the texture.cfg in the textures. Just one small typo in the texture file name or the .cfg file

i use still the latest version,i update when the one on Floats is finish…
also i stop to update my repaints as long as the Sim and the planes are not stable,i do not want to waste more time…
the Paint show right on the new version,but this is not ready for updating textures…
old version work fine at moment :+1:


@Easyraider , the new version is woking thank you.
But… fellows, I was silent for a while, avoiding been repetitive, but I really miss my dear copilot, she was fun to hang with. Any idea about where is she?

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that is still an older version,work since 1.32 i think…

Have fun,next updates i do when the Float and all fixes are out :wink:

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