Su 11 - changes?

SU11 is coming soon of course with native helicopter SDK. Will the Flyinside Bell47 also be changed?


I was wondering the same thing.

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We’ve tested it under all the Betas and have found no problems. Once it gave us a warning about a file, but had no effect at all.

If there is an issue with the release, we’re ready to update!

Been working on our new release and that one is so close…I’ getting excited!



Now you have me curious about what your next release is…

Looking forward to the next release too! My question btw was not so much as is the Bell47G compatible in SU11, it flies well in SU11 beta for me, but will Flyinside use the new native heli SDK/model or how it is called. And not be using the Helimanager. Not that I dont want to use the Helimanager, it works quite well imho, but just curious if the native sim now gives enough facilities for helicopter developers.

Hi RotorRick, I made a previous post mentioning that there was a new helipad system being implemented that seemed to need a ‘helicopter’ tag.

can confirm now, The bell does not work on these new pads.

Awesome news! I have helicopter excitement since the latest SU update, and have been using my 3D printed collective more!

If anyone wants a temporary fix to this, you can edit the aircraft.cfg in the bell 47 community folder.
The ui_typerole needs to be set to Rotorcraft for spawning on helipads. There will be several entries so make sure to change them all.

Im not a member of the team, just a random guy that really wanted to make the helicopter work on some helipads so your milage may vary.

Su10 added some Helicopter only key binding options such as Rotor brake, Collective Axis. I am looking forward to these updates being applied to B-47G.

So… does this mean that if there aren’t any issues, no updates will happen? Will the 47 (and the new release) use the native CFD flight model? Will the new rotorcraft specific control bindings be adopted?

It just means that no update will be needed to maintain SU11 compatibility.

Updates for features and improvements are always in progress. There are a few things already changed in the 47 (and the new release) to fix SU11 update issues with helipads and some other stuff. Addition of the helicopter specific bindings are coming as soon as MSFS gets them squared away. We’ll likely leave the choice of which named binding to use to the user, so both will work.

We do not use the CFD model at all.Our FM is completely separated from the MSFS system as it doesn’t offer enough variable selection to replicate helicopter physics. Will that change in the future? Not likely!