Wishing for - Alert tone when over speeding the main rotor RPM (currently nothing happens when it does)

As there seems to be no consequence for running the main rotors off the dial, could there be a warning indicator introduced of some kind?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Unless you have disabled engine failures, in the Heli Manager, the “consequence for running the main rotors off the dial” is that you won’t be enjoying powered flight for too much longer. :slight_smile:

I am flying with full realism mode and engine failures enabled (no gov). Nothing happens when the rotors overspeed, but the engine cuts out if over the mp limit. However its currently possible to keep the manifold within safe range and spin the rotors off the dial with no consequence.

Ah, then i apologise for misreading your post.

I am sure that Dan will take a look at this.

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No probs, and thank you for that :+1:

Can I please change my wish slightly?

Could a training mode be toggled, that enables unique sounding alerts for exceeding both manifold pressure and rotor rpm? Could they alert immediately after being exceeded?


Could a button be mapped, that plays a tone that is the same pitch as the sound of the main rotor spinning at around 300 rpm as an audible reference for training? (approx 160hz triangle wave so it stands out, would do for me) Could this be available regardless of a training mode being on or off, play for as long as the button is held and be able to adjust it’s volume?

If the second request is easier, I’d be happy with that for starters :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I’ll flag your request to Dan and I am sure that he will be happy to assess it and amend the Road Map accordingly.

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